Cities in Canada Are Winning Again!

Do you have plans to move to Canada? If you are reading this, I would say that you more than likely do. Want you to know that we love Canada so much that, guess what? You will always get a response telling you how smart your decision is. Furthermore, one should always gather the most recent data that is going to back up your claims. Here it is, late in August and it is time for the major publications to focus on the Economist’s report on what the cities in the world are most livable.
In this huge amount of data, it shows that three Canadian cities are among the top ten to hold their own. How do they go about choosing which of the cities in the entire world is the most livable ones? Out of a 140 cities that were surveyed by Economist, they then used the results of those in order to be able to assign each of them a rating that would be relatively comfort based for more than 30 different elements which have been separated into five different criteria’s.
Stability: This section will be worth 25% of the overall score.

Elements of the criteria are as follows:

  • The possibility of terror
  • The possibility of military conflict
  • The possibility of a violent crime
  • A threat of civil unrest and/or conflict
  • The possibility of petty crimes
Healthcare: This section will be worth 20% of the overall score.

Elements of the criteria are as follows:

  • Private healthcare availability.
  • Public healthcare availability.
  • Public healthcare quality.
  • Over-the-counter drugs made available.
Culture and the environment: This section will be worth 25% of the overall score.

Elements of the criteria are as follows:

  • Availability of consumer services and goods
  • Availability of drinks and food
  • Cultural availability
  • Sporting availability
  • Censorship level
  • Religious or social restrictions
  • Corruption levels
  • Climate discomfort for travelers
  • Temperature rating
  • Humidity rating
Education: This section will be worth 10% of the overall score.

Elements of the criteria are as follows:

  • Public education indicators
  • Availability of private education
  • Private education quality
Infrastructure: This section is worth 20% of the overall score.

Elements of the criteria are as follows:

  • Telecommunications quality
  • Water provision quality
  • Energy provision quality
  • Availability of quality housing
  • International links quality
  • Public transport quality
  • Road network quality
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Most Popular Cities in 2019

This is where the top ten cities are going to be passed by and we will go directly to the top cities that are located in Canada. If you are one of the many that has been following this survey over the years, the results are not going to come as a surprise. For some time now, there has been three different cities in Canada, while there have been other top cities that have just vanished from the list.
First off, let’s congratulate Calgary who managed to rise to 4th place this year. Vancouver, a great city is still taking up 6th for the last 10 years. The beloved city of Toronto, Ontario comes in at 7th place, which is still the hope choice for a top 10 place to live for a lot of years.

You may ask yourself, well “What about the Canadians?”

Shakespeare’s character Saks Sincinus from Coriolanus said it best “What is the city but the people?”, and according to what most Canadians are saying, that is really great.
Recently, the IRCC sent out a massive survey in Canada to check out the population of immigrants. The survey was done using focus groups, online and on the phone. These managed to use a classification system for the three groups: the general public, newcomers, and established immigrants living in Canada.
This survey was extensive, and not to mention expensive, however, the IRCC managed to get positive results. The three groups had agreed that immigration is a large part of the life in Canada. The consensus was that there was a positive effect on culture and economy of Canada by incoming immigrants. Both established and new immigrants for Canada mostly agreed that jumping the lines is a big issue and can not be good for the life of Canada.
The survey also found that most of all three survey groups, especially the newcomer group, believed that people who were crossing the border illegally was a serious issue. This group of newcomers also felt that it was very unfair for their own family to have to wait so long to go through the whole legal process in order for them to live together, while the illegal immigrants are able to take advantage and just jump the fence, so to speak.
Let’s put this in plain terms: Canadians are happy and always will be happy to accept immigrants with open arms, however, immigrants are expected to follow due processes, and Canadians are not happy with illegal immigration. We are sure that you can agree with that.

Be Welcome in Canada – Just Click That Face!

It is at this point, that I would like to add that even though we only named three Canadian cities that are in the top 10 list, as they happen to do every year, it does not mean that other places in Canada are not great to live in. We will continue to keep introducing you to a lot of really great places to move in Canada, as well as give you plenty of possibilities and options for your future that you have been dreaming about.