Canadian Business Immigration Program

The Canadian Business Immigration Program aims to create new opportunities in local markets, by welcoming those who have the skill and experience to help grow it.
These programs and visas are designed to help promote and develop Canada’s economy by attracting entrepreneurs, the self-employed, businesspersons and investors who are not yet Canadian citizens. Currently there are four Business Immigration Programs streams available, these are the:
  • Self Employed Program
  • Investors Visa
  • Entrepreneurs Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa

Self-Employed Program

This program is for people who are capable of creating their own employment, by contributing athletically, culturally or artistically to Canada’s employment market. People with sufficient funds and relevant work experience can apply for the Self-Employed Program.

Investor Visa

Depending on which Investor Visa candidates apply for they may stand the chance to gain permanent residence for both them and their families by investing in Canada’s economy.

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur programs like the Québec Immigrant Entrepreneurial Program give immigrants the opportunity to take advantage of Canada’s growing economic power, and possibly gain permanent residence in Canada, along with their family.

Business Visitor Visa

This visa is for business individuals who intend to stay temporarily in Canada in order to engage in international business markets by growing, investing or creating business connections. The Business Visitor Visa is for potential candidates who meet certain requirements and do not intend to impact directly on the Canadian job market.