Express Entry Immigration Program

In addition to providing a high success rate for all of our clients, we can help in creating the best profile possible to increase your chance of being accepted. Having a good profile can help connect you to Canadian employers searching for workers through the Canadian government database.

Looking for Skilled Professionals

Canada is currently in need of more skilled professionals, which is why the Canadian immigration system is so popular, and immigrants are considered valuable prospects in society. Therefore, hard working individuals are rewarded for relocating by inviting them to apply for Permanent Canadian Residence. Similar to the U.S. Green Card, the Canadian Permanent Resident card offers holders the ability to live in any location in Canada and find work. Furthermore, it’s a step towards full Canadian citizenship.

What Is the Express Entry Program?

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) offers the new Express Entry program that manages various immigration applications, including the Federal Skilled Trades program, Federal Skilled Worker program, and Canadian Experience Class programs.
Unlike other programs that can take an average of 12 months to 18 months, the Express Entry program can be processed in less than 6 months from application to receiving a Canadian Permanent Residence visa.

How It Works

The way the program works is by applicants submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) form which indicates the individual’s credentials and skills. The IRCC then identifies the applicant’s skills among others with similar background experience. The initial application will determine if your ranking is high or low. Only the highest scoring candidates are chosen periodically and receive an invite for applying for Permanent Canadian Residency.

Employers in Canada

Express Entry offers a unique feature as Canadian employers can search the database. The system asks you to create a profile which is entered into the official job bank database. This allows you to be discovered by employers looking for suitable candidates with specific job skills to recruit those looking to immigrate into Canada.
In the event you are offered a job position directly by a Canadian employer, you will have a higher ranking and increased opportunity to receive an invitation for permanent residence. Therefore, Canadian employers indirectly sponsor applicants while having the ability to expedite the process.
Furthermore, if an employer is wanting you quicker than expected, they have the ability to submit for a dual intent worker permit for you, sponsoring your Permanent Canadian Residence application. However, you must complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment for them to sponsor permanent residence, even if they are not trying to get you relocated quicker through a Canadian Work Permit.

How We Can Assist

1) Highlighting Your Unique Skills

  • Our professionals work with you to develop two profiles that will support your Canadian Permanent Resident application.
  • One profile is created for submitting to the official Job Bank database, allowing Canadian employers to locate you.
  • One profile is created for submitting to the Express Entry database, ranking you against others applying for Canadian immigration with equal skills and qualifications.

2) Canadian Employment Advisor Access

  • A Canadian Employment Advisor professional will carefully manage your cover letter and resume to ensure they are up to employment standards in Canada. Thus, maximizing your rate of being placed with a Canadian employer.
    Additionally, you will be assisted in creating a social media presence to increase appeal to employers. Using social media as a tool can help increase your professional network. Your personal advisor will coach you on best practices for making connections with Canadian employers through social media.
    In the event a Canadian employer offers an interview, the advisor can assist you in preparing with a test interview that copies the typical questions of a Canadian job interview. Finally, if you are offered the job position, we will assist you and offer support through the labor market impact assessment that is required, and help you obtain a Canadian Work Permit.

3) Increase Chance to Obtain a Visa

  • There are two main factors that determine your chance of being picked from the Express Entry pool: work experience and education. We have a team of legal professionals and attorneys that assist you with ensuring work experience is categorized and claimed correctly based on the NOC code. In addition, you will be advised on collecting educational credentials for evaluation. This makes sure you obtain the highest possible CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) based on your training and education.

4) Free Language Training

  • You will gain access to IELTS tutoring services and resources, in addition to assistance with scheduling and planning for the language test. This benefit is provided in our standard package to assist you in passing the language test.

5) Help Settling in Canada

  • We will help you through the Canadian Immigration process with a team of skilled immigration professionals and attorneys from start to settlement.
  • Clients are provided with personal consultations to provide resources and advice for successfully adjusting once relocated in Canada. Our expert team is here to assist in preparing you on how to locate accommodations, banking, accessing public services, among other topics to ensure an easy transition to your new life in Canada.
    Have a loved one or family member you would like to join you in Canada? We can help advice you on how to bring them with you through a parental or family sponsor program.

6) Future Support and Provincial Nominee Evaluation

  • Our team monitors each provincial nominee program that becomes available to determine which applicants are suitable candidates based on eligibility. Additionally, we will provide advice on ways you can stand out and increase CRS scores.
    We provide services with a high success rate and have a reputable history with our clients. We have the professional experience to guide you in the entire Canadian immigration process.
    Simply complete a fee online assessment that helps us evaluate your individual case and reach out to determine your options for Canadian immigration programs.
At Canada IMS, we offer top-notch, world class services and are reputed for an incredible track record of successful clients. With over 15 years of experience, we are capable of seamlessly guiding you through the Canadian immigration process.
Let's help you keep it simple - try our online assessment with which we can evaluate the information provided and we will get back to you with your Canadian immigration options as soon as we can.

How the Canada Express Entry Program works.


Use our Evaluation system to determine your eligibility to apply for immigration for the Canada Express Entry program.


After our immigration officers have evaluated your profile, you will be contacted within 72 hours.


Adequate guidance throughout the immigration process will be provided by an ICCRC Regulated Immigration Expert