Immigration, Family Support

Are you wanting to have your grandparents and parents join you in Canada? Maybe you should consider the new Super Visa option for you and your family, if you aren't eligible to be a sponsor permanently for your family.

Immigration, First Class

Canadian citizenship and Immigration know how important family is to everyone. That's why family member sponsorship is the fasted Canadian Immigration category.


If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident, or citizen, you are able to sponsor foreign relatives. In a number of cases, if you submit your application properly, your spouse can qualify you for a work permit.

Only three types of relatives are able to be sponsored by Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents:

  • Dependent children who are under the age of 22, whom are not in a common-law relationship or married.
  • Common-law partners and/or Spouses
  • Parents and Grandparents
Note: The maximum age limit was changed on Oct. 24, 2017 to under 22 from under 19 years of age.
Sponsoring family for eligible permanent residency is very specific on the family members you are able to sponsor. There will be no considering other types of relatives.
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