The number of Canadian Immigration programs that are designed for investors is incredibly high. However, this shouldn't come as a shock given what Canada has to offer. The tax incentives for business people alone are enough to make investors flock to Canada. Canada has a private sector economy that is booming.

Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Program is a sought after limited intake program designed for business types in the immigration into Canada. There is a limit on the spots available, and the intake periods are usually very short so you can see why you should act sooner rather than later for this program. This falls under the Quebec Investor Class category.

The Requirements

You are expected, and required to have a minimum of 2 years management experience within the last 5 years. Other requirements are having a net worth equal to or above $1.6 million, and you must make a sizable investment into Canada. These requirements must be met in order to be awarded the Canadian Permanent Resident visa.
In reference to the investment, you have one of two options:
  • A one time, non-refundable, $220,000 CAD payment
  • A 5-year CAD deposit, with no interest, to the Government of Canada of $800,000

Other Options for Investors and Entrepreneurs

Not to delve too deep into the details, business class immigration is divided into a set of categories; Quebec, Federal, and other provincial nomination programs. These usually deal exclusively with the applicants that are business class. The goal of all these programs is the same, Canadian permanent residency.
You will find that some of these programs require you to make a sizable investment in Canada, or start a business. It is advised that you contact us for the best options. However, it should be noted that these options of immigration should only really be considered if you have a net worth that exceeds $1.2 Million USD ($1.6 Million CAD).
As a business class applicant, we understand that your employment commitments must be substantial. Because of this our Managing Partner, Attorney Renaud Dery will personally council and guide you through the entire process and take care of the A­Z while you get on with your daily life.
The process can be time sensitive on these programs. That is why it is important to start your immigration plans today. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for any of these programs. We want you to help build a stronger Canada, while taking advantage of wonderful business opportunities.