The QSW (Quebec Skilled Workers) program is designed as an EOI (Expression of Interest) system. Therefore, applicants are invited to Quebec based on a rating and only those with the highest scores get invited to submit their application.

How’s the Program Works?

  • Job offer is NOT required
  • Showing proof of funds is NOT required
  • Applicants can apply from any location worldwide, even when working elsewhere
  • Processing can range between 14 to 18 months
  • Applicant receives Permanent Canadian Residence status, equivalent to the Green Card in the U.S.

Why Not Apply for Express Entry?

With Express Entry being a trending topic, we wanted to remind you Quebec continues to be an amazing option for individuals and families. When applying for the QSW program, the government does not require proof of settlement funds, but the Express Entry does. The IELST may be submitted several months after sending your file, so there is no delaying the application process due to IELTS exams.
In addition, the QSW program offers flexibility in regard to language testing that can be taken. Applying does not require a minimum score, unlike with the Express Entry option. However, you should remember the QSW program is a point-based system. Therefore, having a higher score from the language test can increase the applicant’s rate of having a high enough score.

What to Do Next?

The first thing to do is complete the assessment to better determine the best opportunities for you. There are numerous types of occupations and applicants eligible. Having a professional assess you is the best way to determine your chance of eligibility.


General Quebec Skilled Workers program requirements:
  • Identification documents: Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate, if married
  • Proof of education: diploma and transcripts
  • Employment documents, depending on qualifications
  • Travel documents, including valid copy of passport.
  • Residence Visa, if living outside of home country
The language test results are not required for the initial application, but they are required later to receive a visa.
To show English language proficiency, Quebec Immigration will accept general IELTS and academic results. For French speakers, the DELF or TEF examinations are available.

Let Us Assist You

There are various advantages to letting us assist you. Some benefits include providing top services in the industry and a high success rate. You get unlimited access to our professionals who will assist in getting applications submitted quicker to ensure a slot in the quota is secured. Additionally, we are able to submit prior to receiving IELTS results, sending them up to 4 months later. This avoids having to wait on the IELTS results before submitting the application.
There are 50,000+ new residents relocating to Quebec annually through the Canadian Permanent Resident program. Are you ready to begin calling Canada home too?
Reach out and contact us today to get started!