The purpose for a Canadian Visitor Visa’s is to provide temporary, short stays in the country. There are agreements between Canada and certain countries exempting them from this requirement. Among the most common reasons people reach out to us, is due to being previously declined for a visitor visa.

Previously Declined Visitor Visa

Being denied for a temporary visa in Canada is not a disqualifying factor in applying for the Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) visa. This is a common mistake because people assume Canada would not want them to permanently move to the country if they denied a temporary visit.
However, the main difference is that temporary visas are in nature, temporary. This means agreeing to Canadian government that you will exit the country immediately upon an expiring permit. Whereas a PR Visa is permanent and says you may remain in Canada after satisfying the immigration requirements.
Canada may deny temporary visa’s due to:
  • Criminal or medical inadmissibility
  • Lack of proof of residence country or citizenship
  • Previously overstayed your temporary visa
  • Did not properly fill out paperwork
  • Little to no travel history
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Long-term or Short-term Intension

If there is an ongoing Canadian PR application in progress, but want a visitor’s visa there could be complications. Reasons can include:
The requirements are different for a temporary visa compared to that of a permanent residence request. Whereas, the permanent residence indicates the desire to live in Canada permanently, a temporary visa shows you plan to leave after a short period.
Thus, by applying for both a temporary visa and permanent residency, it would appear to be two different intensions. Either you’re wanting a short-term visit or stay permanently.
Although, having two intentions can be okay with the Canadian Immigration plan, but only if your intention aims to meet temporary visa requirements. Below are two examples where one will meet the requirements, but not the other.

Application Has Two Intentions

Some of the Canadian PR programs can be a lengthy process, taking over 1-year to complete. Because of this, it can be reasonable that the applicant may also want to visit Canada while waiting. This could be in search of locating a job positions, getting familiar with an area the applicant would like to live in when accepted, etc. These are acceptable situations, long as the applicant agrees to leave upon the travel visa expiration, returning once the permeant status is granted.

Applicant Has a Single Intent

Say the applicant has already applied for permanent residence and received a nomination certificate. This can be through CSQ or other signs of approval, then the person decides to visit Canada for the purpose of getting an early start on establishing a new residency while waiting on the application to finish. This would not be an acceptable reason as the applicant has the intention of remaining in Canada.
Therefore, when a visa officer believes the main intention of the applicant is to remain in Canada on the temporary visa while waiting on the permanent status to take effect, the request would be denied. This shows a lack of consideration for temporary visa’s in Canada. Although, being denied the temporary visa does not necessarily mean the permanent residence application as denied too.
Keep in mind, each application for a visa is evaluated democratically, temporary and permanent. There are only certain situations that are considered for temporary visa permits, including bridging open work permits that enable a continued status while transitioning from temporal to permanent status in Canada.
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